China’s Pop Culture.

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The reproducing of Moa’s era -pop culture is going to happen soon.


Pain is a problem- Buddhism

lotus leave w water markIf pain is a problem, so is pleasure, which causes pain, discontent, confusion, depression and anger. Buddhism is a teaching the way to escape from this cycle. It is the main goal of Buddhism to practice the spiritual disciplines universally. One of the subject in Buddhism teaching is shattering personal revolution. In this instance it is meditation. Meditation is practicing breath control in pursuit of mind over matter transcendence.

Collage -Chinese Paper Cut Art

Date: 11-22-13

Working with this monkey’s paper art with ” layer style” , this monkey  is one of the Chinese classic story “The Journey to the West”  main character. If you would to know more about this story the following is a link from New York Times Newspaper:








I used two types of color gradient for layer style and collage art experiment. The top 4 of the print screen I selected the multicolor gradient and adjusted the angle to rotate the color pattern. I tried to make this exercise like Andy Warhol famous mix medium art works.





The print Screen for no.5 and 6, I selected the two colors gradient and adjusted the angel of the light. The effect from this color give the classic look of the Andy Warhol the “Moa” painting. Looking forward to develop the style once I come across the right tool.



The print screen No.7 , I change the layer to another format to experiment my collage exercise. I used filter and from the filter gallery I adjusted the radius and tone. I believe I can do more effect from the mosaic filter. The adjustment of the color contrast is needed before the mosaic filter.

No: 8

Slide4The above print screen I used the “filter” and selected the “stylize” column and picked the “emboss.” Before I process with the filter, I adjusted the original layer. I did not document how I adjust it but it turn out fine.